CS 244 ’19: Reproducing Tokyo-Ping

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Nicholas Hirning, Michael Straka

Original paper: C. Pelsser, L. Cittadini, S. Vissicchio, R. Bush. From Paris to Tokyo: On the Suitability of ping to Measure Latency. IMC, 2013.

In 2013, a trio of researchers developed and presented the tool tokyo-ping, a modification of ping, that aimed solve the problem of per-flow load balancing causing excessive variance in the round-trip times (RTT). This tool works by fixing the flow-id of each stream of tokyo-ping ICMP echo requests. They showed that this allowed them to significantly reduce the variance of the distribution of RTT values and make more accurate network measurements.

In this paper we attempt to reproduce their results with controlled experiments across a broad range of destination and source hosts. In addition, we chose three distant hosts and ran longer experiments to detect any weaker effects. Despite this, none of the tests found any significant differences in the responses yielded by ping and tokyo-ping

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