Visual Logging and Interpretation of Buffer Sizing Experiments

Purvi Goel and Sarah Jobalia

Twenty years ago, Appenzeller et al. challenged the “rule of thumb” for buffer sizing, B = RTT x C. The old rule of thumb had long been taken for granted; to some controversy, Appenzeller et al. proposed the inclusion of a denominator, coming to a new theoretical bound on buffer sizing dependent on the number of input flows B = RTT x C / sqrt(n). We seek to not only reproduce the trends shown in the “Sizing Router Buffers” paper, but additionally create visualization tools that allow for better interpretability, demonstration, and communication of networks results. We contribute easy visualization tools that are both in-situ rendering, allowing for fast iteration and visualization, and ex-situ rendering, allowing for detailed and beautiful results. Ideally, this allows students and researchers to detect problems in the system, find interesting network characteristics or coupled events, and interpret the results of their experiments.

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