This blog is a collection of network research stories, each of which includes full instructions to replicate experiments. Our goal is to kickstart a discussion of repeatable research in the network systems community, by showing that “runnable papers” are indeed possible, today. If every result in every figure of a paper could be replicated easily (by anyone with a local or EC2 VM), it would be much easier to build on prior code, results, and scripts, understand the concepts behind them, and most importantly: put them to practice in the real world.

CS244 Spring 2012 and Winter 2013

In this vein, students in Stanford CS244: Advanced Topics In Networking, the class TAs, and professor Nick McKeown, have given repeatable research a try. Student groups have one week to choose an interesting paper result (e.g., from SIGCOMM and NSDI), then three weeks to try to reproduce and ideally build upon that result, as described on the CS244 Programming Assignment 3 page. Nearly all class projects use the Mininet-HiFi network emulator , described in a CoNEXT paper.  An earlier version of Mininet without performance fidelity is described a HotNets paper.

What next?
Check out a visual gallery of all projects on the Projects page. Or, go to the Main page to click on the tag cloud on the front page, see the posts in reverse chronological order there, or search the posts. The posts cover a ton of topics, from low-level queueing to high-level topology analyses in data centers to WANs, and each has been independently replicated at least once.

Check out the Contribute section to learn how to get your work on this blog – we strongly encourage contributions from any institution, provided they meet the bar of reproducibility by a third party.

Who was involved in CS244?

  • Spring 2012
    • Teaching Assistant: Brandon Heller
    • Teaching Assistant: Nikhil Handigol
    • Project support: Vimalkumar Jeyakumar
    • Project support: Bob Lantz
    • Professor: Nick McKeown
  • Winter 2013
    • Teaching Assistant: Vimal Kumar
    • Teaching Assistant: Manu Bansal
    • Teaching Assistant: Aakanksha Chowdhery
    • Professor: Nick McKeown
    • Professor: Sachin Katti
  • Spring 2014
    • Teaching Assistant: Kanthi Nagaraj
    • Teaching Assistant: Milad Sharif
    • Professor: Sachin Katti
  • Spring 2015
    • Teaching Assistant: Lisa Yan
    • Teaching Assistant: Milad Sharif
    • Professor: Nick McKeown
  • Spring 2016
    • Teaching Assistant: Lisa Yan
    • Professor: Nick McKeown
    • Professor: Keith Winstein

Contact the CS244 TAs for more details or press inquiries.

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