Your reproducible network research is welcome here. The CS244 posts are not the end, but a beginning to get the ball rolling.

Creating a blog post doesn’t take too long, and it can give your project better visibility. Once posted, people can easily comment on, link to, share, and replicate your research. Give it a try!

Here’s the process:

  • Sign up for a account. It’s free.
  • To become an author on the blog, with privileges to add and publish a page, send a blog maintainer (e.g. brandonh or nikhilh at a description of the content you’d like to post.
  • Go to the WordPress dashboard and create your page, using the format from the Blog Post Template.
  • Select the image that best represents your post, and mark it as the Featured Image in the bottom right of the Edit Post page.
  • Create a 220×150 thumbnail image for the Projects page.
  • Send a blog maintainer a request to check your content before posting.
  • Press ‘publish’ to share your stuff with the world!
  • Send the thumbnail to the maintainer, to have it added to the Projects page.

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