CS244 ’18: Reproducing Results from: Constant Time Updates in Hierarchical Heavy-Hitters

Tommy Fan, Austin Poore

Original Paper: Ben Basat, Ran, et al. “Constant time updates in hierarchical heavy hitters.” Proceedings of the Conference of the ACM Special Interest Group on Data Communication. ACM, 2017.

We present and explain our e‚fforts to reproduce key results from “Constant Time Updates in Hierarchical Heavy-HiŠtters” for CS 244, a graduate networking course at Stanford University. In particular, we run several experiments using code from the original authors to aŠttempt to reproduce their performance and error metrics on our own servers. In addition, we present an evaluation of our own implementation of the algorithm in the one-dimensional seŠtting.

Our work falls into two broad sections: in the €first, we use the original authors’ code to run their experiments on our own machine and generate fresh data, which we then use to reproduce four of the €figures from the paper detailing error metrics and performance. ŒThen, in the second, we present the empirical results from our own implementation of the one-dimensional algorithm, which were comparable to the results from the authors’ implementation. As a result, we feel very con€fident in endorsing the paper as being reproducible. As part of our reproduction efforts, we’ve also writtŠen some scripts to automate the processes of running all of the experiments and generating the resulting plots which, when packaged with the authors’ original code, will make it even easier for future reproduction e‚fforts to con€firm the paper’s €findings.

Full Report.

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